Aug 19

One of the Boys – Episode 17

OneofTheBoysWe’re back and read to pick up where we left off! Finally the two you’ve been waiting to see confront each other.. Addix, who knows about Maximus, and Maximus who is clueless about Addix. Let’s see how it all plays out shall we?


Aug 14

One of the Boys – Episode 16

OneofTheBoys Whew! someone turn on the fan! The fire is raging and Addix is fanning the flames with a electric blower!

What is he plotting? Not only is Stefanie in his sights and on his radar, but there is a new plot afoot in camp Addix.

Wheeler is still trying to gain the upper hand and get in Stef’s heart, not to mention her bed. Let’s tune in and see how it all goes down…… (more…)

Aug 12

One of the Boys – Episode 15

OneofTheBoys Maximus is back! Addix makes contact! and Wheeler is just about at his end….

Oh how tangled the web of deceit and deception is becoming for our star crossed lovers. Stefanie is still struggling with her own feelings, oblivious to the invisble wars and strategies going on around her…how long before it all hits broil? Guess you’ll just have to read and see! (more…)

Aug 7

One of the Boys – Episode 14

OneofTheBoys Wooooooo! it’s getting hot for Ivy! What’s a girl to do? Well she started the fire, now she has to handle the flames!!

And Wheeler…boy he’s so close! Will he finally get the answers to his questions today? What will he do with the information if he does? Will he tell Stef? Will he blackmail Addix? Let’s find out……


Aug 5

One of the Boys – Episode 13

OneofTheBoysYou know what they say, For the LOVE of money…

What about for the love of a man? For the love of facades and reputations? What lengths would a man or woman go to in order to keep what was theirs?

Pull up a chair and come on back inside, see for yourself and the ride picks up where it left off….


Jul 31

One of the Boys – Episode 12

OneofTheBoys Things are definitely getting stickier! Cloak and dagger all the way around! What exactly is Addix up too?

Stef is walking head first into drama with all the men in her life, not to mention the woman who wants to make her disappear. Are you ready for more? Scroll on down and come inside then


Jul 29

One of the Boys – Episode 11

OneofTheBoys Welcome back! Glad to see you’re still with us. Are you enjoying the ride so far? What are your thoughts? You cheering for Addix? For Wheeler? How about Maximus? Does he even have a chance?

Come on inside and join the fun once again. See how we’re living down on the strip.


Jul 24

One of the Boys – Episode 10

OneofTheBoys That danged Ivy is just determined! She doesn’t get it, and she is determined no matter what to have just what she wants, and by any means necessary.

Marcus is no better. Instead of manning up and telling his sister to grow up, he encourages her childishness, actually helping her….come on in, take a seat and lets get back into the story.


Jul 22

One of the Boys – Episode 9

OneofTheBoys We’re back and man oh man has the plot thickened! What is Ivy really up too? Can Wheeler figure it out and intervene before its too late?

Addix finally has Stef at lunch. What will he say? What will he do to her? Join us as we pick up where we left off on the strip and return to our story!



Jul 17

One of the Boys – Episode 8

OneofTheBoys  Awww, snap! Addix has found out about Maximus and he’s none too happy. What’s his next move? Not only does he have to contend with Wheeler, he has this new player in the sinister game of cat and mouse he’s constructing. Of course, Marcus is doing his usual and blocking for his sister, Ivy, but Addix is about at his end with that as well. Tune in now as we head back to the strip……


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