Sep 16

One of the Boys – Episode 25

OneofTheBoysGetting a call in the middle of the night is bad. Getting a call from the police when the woman you love is missing, is torture. What could the boys in blue be calling to tell Addix? Come on inside and have a look for yourself as we continue our adventure…..


Sep 11

One of the Boys – Episode 24

OneofTheBoysIt’s getting really sticky….Ivy and her plans. Addix and his games. Wheeler and his hopes and dreams!

Maximus is out of the picture now, well for all intents and purposes it would seem. Let’s read on and see how it all unfolds….


Sep 9

One of the Boys – Episode 23

OneofTheBoysLooks like Ivy may have gotten what she wants after all. Marcus certainly seems hellbent on completing the job and what of Stef?

Addix is at his wits end, its not like her to be uncommunicative without provocation.

Wheeler, while relieved, is also worried not having heard from the woman, her cell continually going to voice mail. Where is she?


Sep 4

One of the Boys – Episode 22

OneofTheBoysTime to face the music and all the musicians for both Stef and Addix.

The latter having no regrets or indecisions about what he wanted, and keeping it secured within his grasp. Stef however is in a whirlwind of emotion and what to do next.

Will she make the right decisions or will circumstance force her to improvise in ways she never imagined…..


Sep 2

One of the Boys – Episode 21

OneofTheBoysAddix has gotten his wish, he and Stefanie have spent the night together, so now what?

What about Ivy? Wheeler? Even Maximus for that matter?

Of course it would be easy to think things would go smoothly for our star crossed lovers wouldn’t it, but fate, karma, and plain ole jealousy aren’t about to let that happen…join us and see how it all goes down!


Aug 28

One of the Boys – Episode 20

OneofTheBoysThe “Morning After” and whoooo! Everything has changed! What’s going to happen now? Will Addix end up reigning King Supreme again? Will Stef cave to his commands? What about Wheeler? Maximus? Come on inside and see for yourself….. (more…)

Aug 26

One of the Boys – Episode 19

OneofTheBoysStef has waited long enough. Finally she and Maximus are connecting and it couldn’t have cum at a better time, pun intended. She was horny, her every thought on Addix and what used to be between them…truthfully there were a lot more feelings for Maximus than Stefanie wanted to confront right now. After a few orgasms she would be able to think clearer…right? (more…)

Aug 22

One of the Boys – Episode 18

OneofTheBoysMarcus is determined to keep his promise to his bratty sister. Addix is determined to get Stef what she wants! Things are about to get heated as the council meets, and the vote begins….Are you ready? (more…)

Aug 19

One of the Boys – Episode 17

OneofTheBoysWe’re back and read to pick up where we left off! Finally the two you’ve been waiting to see confront each other.. Addix, who knows about Maximus, and Maximus who is clueless about Addix. Let’s see how it all plays out shall we?


Aug 14

One of the Boys – Episode 16

OneofTheBoys Whew! someone turn on the fan! The fire is raging and Addix is fanning the flames with a electric blower!

What is he plotting? Not only is Stefanie in his sights and on his radar, but there is a new plot afoot in camp Addix.

Wheeler is still trying to gain the upper hand and get in Stef’s heart, not to mention her bed. Let’s tune in and see how it all goes down…… (more…)

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