Oct 20

Don’t Fret…Another exciting ride starts SOON!

BlogOperaI’m going to take you on another exciting ride in just a few days! Keep an eye out for the announcement! I hope you enjoyed ONE OF THE BOYS, look for it to be added soon to our “free downloads” tab!

Feb 10

Are YOU Being MaryJane?

Are You Being A Mary Jane?

Ha! I can already see the eye popping, lip smacking, neck rolling, hell no’s that are flying from the mouths of folks reading the title of this blog post. Let’s really examine this question, in all its insinuated glory, as I share a bit of my thoughts with you.


Dec 29

2013….A Summation

This time last year (2012) God spoke the things he wanted me to do in 2013, and I’ll be the first to say at that moment they sounded pretty easy. Ha! Little did I know.


Oct 27

Dezi Gianni Takes Over and Thin Ice WINS again….

Lots of cool and exciting things going on in the last week or so. October is definitely going out with  blast! Not only have we been spreading the word all month long in the fight against Breast Cancer, Kirabaco publishing has been doing big things in the literary world as well…….


Sep 28

An Otherworldly Chat….Carlo HANGMAN Cisneros

The master himself, Carlo Hangman Cisneros, stopped by to chat with the members of House of Kirabaco, Thursday night. Hear in his own words what he had to say for himself when the members began to ask questions. (Thin Ice book 6)


Sep 11

Odd Facts….TI 6 – Hangman & Socrates

Fiction is such a fun genre. You get to be creative, stretch the truth, sometimes create your own universe, atmosphere, even race of being. I love writing it. I also love the freedom it gives to interject just a bit of realism, even allow for some healing and release. Such was the case when I wrote Thin Ice 6 – Hangman and Socrates.


Aug 19

Plain Sight….Without the Sugar Coating

Sometimes you just have to “put it out there”…say what’s on your heart and in your spirit. People might not like it, but at that particular moment in time it’s not about them….This is one of those times for me….When you’re ready to ascend you have to shed excess and dead weight…this is my first layer:


Jul 24

Sisters Into Reading and Reviewing….Great Times!

This past weekend, myself and Author Elizabeth LaShaun took over Sisters Into Reading and Reviewing bookclub on Facebook….it was HBF weekend, but we had an absolute blast! Met some great people, played some fun trivia, gave away some books!! We also had one seriously FUN chat about our book THREE THE HARD WAY….So, since you missed it, I’ve posted the transcript here for you to enjoy!!  Check it out!!


Jul 1

Forest For The Trees….

Have you ever heard the old saying, “Can’t see the forest for the trees”? That’s how I felt last night as I watched the BET awards. First of all I haven’t watched anyone’s award show in years, and I especially didn’t watch the BET awards, as most of the presentations really assaulted my sensibilities. Last night however was an eye opening experience as I sat in front of my television and the show began.


Jun 20

Chatting with New Authors Showcase……

Hey Hey everyone! Yep, its been a minute since I posted a blog here…been busy, getting things together for 2014 and such lol….I’m still around though, and still kicking! Check out my latest interview, as I hang out with New Author’s Showcase via Facebook…….We had an absolute blast and my as usual crew came out in support! That’s why I love those guys! lol


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