Jul 29

One of the Boys – Episode 11

OneofTheBoys Welcome back! Glad to see you’re still with us. Are you enjoying the ride so far? What are your thoughts? You cheering for Addix? For Wheeler? How about Maximus? Does he even have a chance?

Come on inside and join the fun once again. See how we’re living down on the strip.


Jul 24

One of the Boys – Episode 10

OneofTheBoys That danged Ivy is just determined! She doesn’t get it, and she is determined no matter what to have just what she wants, and by any means necessary.

Marcus is no better. Instead of manning up and telling his sister to grow up, he encourages her childishness, actually helping her….come on in, take a seat and lets get back into the story.


Jul 22

One of the Boys – Episode 9

OneofTheBoys We’re back and man oh man has the plot thickened! What is Ivy really up too? Can Wheeler figure it out and intervene before its too late?

Addix finally has Stef at lunch. What will he say? What will he do to her? Join us as we pick up where we left off on the strip and return to our story!



Jul 17

One of the Boys – Episode 8

OneofTheBoys  Awww, snap! Addix has found out about Maximus and he’s none too happy. What’s his next move? Not only does he have to contend with Wheeler, he has this new player in the sinister game of cat and mouse he’s constructing. Of course, Marcus is doing his usual and blocking for his sister, Ivy, but Addix is about at his end with that as well. Tune in now as we head back to the strip……


Jul 15

One of the Boys – Episode 7

OneofTheBoys   Thank you for joining us yet again as we pick up our story where we left off. Seems everyone is plotting and scheming. Who’s left to trust? Who is being real with Stefanie and not just selling her a line? What about Ivy? Do you think she’s really going to let Stefanie have Addix without a fight? Well it’s time to see who’s who and what’s what. Welcome back to the strip……


Jul 10

One of the Boys – Episode 6

OneofTheBoys We’re at it again! Now there are new players, with dark and sinister motives!

Seems Addix isn’t the only one who has a sweeping desire for something they cannot have! What’s the next move?

Will Ivy succeed in her quest to make Addix hers exclusively? What about Wheeler? Is he done or will he make another attempt to be the only man in Stef’s life? Join us and see for yourself as we yet another time hit the strip!


Jul 8

One of the Boys – Episode 5

OneofTheBoys Beginning today, OOTB will be available twice a week. Tuesdays and Thursdays! Welcome back! It’s time for your weekly fix!! Are you ready?

Let’s return to the strip, the hustle and bustle of the lights, the sights, and sounds of our Casino’s and see just what exactly our players are up too this week.

Will Stef get her wish and become and owner? Will Addix succeed in his plans to obtain her love and favor yet another time? Is Wheeler going to simply lay down and let her walk away? What about Maximus? He has a stake in this too doesn’t he? Enter our next chapter and see for yourself!


Jul 2

One of the Boys – NEW episode (3 &4)


We’re back with a new episode! Thanks for joining us again for another riveting episode of our BlogOpera! Let’s catch up with Addix, Stef, and Wheeler as they each continue their quests. Who will come out on top? Who will bring Addix’s wrath full steam? Dive right in and find out for yourself!



Jun 25

ONE OF THE BOYS – The Premier

OneofTheBoysThe wait is over!! Today is the debut of KR Bankston’s newest venture, her online BlogOpera. Join us every week for another exciting episode as we enjoy more twisted creations from the Author. So without further adieu….

Welcome to the not so glitzy world of the Casino gaming industry. Addix Kerringer is lord and ruler of all he possesses. His strip clubs and Casinos are the talk of the town, making a veritable fortune for him with minimal effort on is part. He also enjoys a prestigious seat on the Casino Owners conglomerate. Charming, sexy, incredibly handsome describe him perfectly. Add arrogant, controlling, cunning, and calculating, for the full view.

Stefanie Mitchell is on her way. She has come a long way from the ex-stripper of three years ago. A business owner now, Stefanie still has one dream to realize. She wants to own a casino. Her chance comes when one of the older establishments is put on the market. Deciding it’s now or never, Stefanie takes a chance and files the application to the All-Male Casino Owners conglomerate.

Carmine Wheeler is in love in love with his partner. Not such a bad thing right? It is when your partner is Stefanie Mitchell and she’s Addix Kerringer’s ex-lover. It becomes deadly when Addix decides Stefanie has been away from him long enough and it’s time for her to come home. Carmine isn’t the only one smitten and in danger, venture onto the gambling floor and roll the dice with us on Stefanie’s journey to become ONE OF THE BOYS. © 2013 Kirabaco Publishing


Jun 24

It’s About to be some DRAMA!!

Tomorrow is the day!! Wednesday, June 25th…The Drama begins with our all new online BookOpera drama, ONE OF THE BOYS!!


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